The new WTS corporate video is online!

“WTS: the pleasure of creating!”: WTS presents the new 2018 corporate video


WTS means: reliability, practicality, cutting-edge design and attention to the surrounding environment “

The Company from the Brescia area, publishes the new 2018 corporate video: it shows the entire production cycle  which gives birth  to the taps proposed by the brands of the WTS Group:  Teorema, Ottone Meloda, Zipponi e Vega.


This video leads the client to discover the entire industrial reality of the Group, a creative and captivating full immersion on the real meaning of  #Madeinitaly in the sanitary tap sector, in such an unique territory as the Italian one.


‘Made in Italy’ is synonymous with art and beauty; but also with the ability to interpret quality and not just aesthetics. It means perfection of the materials used, attention to details, efficiency and effectiveness both in the design and production phase, in order to obtain a beautiful and functional product.


WTS is one of the few companies in Italy having a full in-house production cycle: the Management is in fact convinced that the assiduous control of all stages of the production process is of fundamental importance “…for ensuring  the quality of the products starting from the raw material…”, as the President of the Group – Mr. Luigi Pedrali – states in the video.


The new 2018 corporate video is the demonstration of WTS’s continuous research and integrity of ‘Made in Italy’.  The Group, in its proven diligence of innovation, in fact propose an empathic and intuitive communication of its work, in favor of an undoubtedly Italian production.


In addition to the WTS corporate video, visible on website and on the Youtube channel ( ) and Facebook, the 30” promotional spots were also made for:


Ottone Meloda: