WTS stands for the Italian excellence of sanitary taps.

Through the best production technologies, WTS wants to spread the Italian style in the field of sanitary fittings, with products that respect an eco-sustainable future and quality and design accessible to all.

The mission of WTS is to design, produce and distribute high quality products, which can improve the life of an individual in their home environment and beyond.

The industrial group represents the best brands in the sector, which are Made in Italy but at the same time are projected to the international market.

WTS means: reliability, practice, cutting edge design, and attention to the surrounding environment. The brands that are parts of the group pay serious attention to the quality of the material and to the research of new technologies which allow the production of high-quality items with competitive prices. When it comes to WTS, we can identified as a family of companies with an Italian heart, which exports abroad its consolidated know-how in terms of production, distribution and strategic alliance in different countries.


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